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Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Construction and Civil Engineering Operations – Drainage Construction

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Drainage construction works require a lot of skills and precision. The job offers opportunities to skilled labours at the job site. The construction industry offers job opportunities for candidates who are already holding a valid qualification to work in this field. In case any candidate who wishes to pursue his career in this field needs to hold a valid academic qualification along with technical knowledge working in the relevant field.

What is this?

The course is offered by NVQ competencies to help polish the skills and academic knowledge of the candidates opting to get started with their career in this work site. It is expected that the candidate seeking admission in this course will have to undergo hours of in-classroom lessons along with hours of workshop training sessions. The candidate is expected to complete a minimum of 340 hours of qualification along with 183 hours of in classroom training.

During the course training session, the candidate is expected to complete the course with 34 credit points. The diploma will only be awarded to the eligible candidate who meets all the above-mentioned criteria.

Why is it required?

The main purpose of undergoing this course for any candidate is to claim for the diploma certification. The diploma is a qualification that is offered to the candidate to prove that he is qualified to be hired by employers directly within the construction work field.

The diploma is designed to help train the candidates to perform tasks related to drainage installation and equipment knowledge that he may be using while installing the drainage system at the work site.

The knowledge will train the candidate to perform the task within challenging conditions and job requirements. At the same time, the candidate will also be exposed to other types of tasks that are related to pavement installation.

The tasks may be performed for both structural and non-structural requirements for concreting and fabrication works. An in-depth knowledge related to performing general maintenance job works will also be offered to the candidates during the course duration.

Any candidate who wishes to undergo this certification course will have to prove his prior skills and experience related to carrying out the tasks at the job site efficiently.

The candidates are offered with the right level of training under the Level 2 NVQ program that proves helpful to meet the technical requirements as per the industry standards within the UK.


For candidates, to get enrolled under this course, it is important that he needs to fit in a few important criteria. To qualify for the competency program, the candidate is expected to complete four of the mandatory units. The candidate is expected to collect an overall credit value of 25 points.

The candidates are also expected to complete two of the optional units with an overall score of 19 points. You can log on to the official web portal and download the criteria requirements.

For being qualified for the drainage construction, candidates need to try and maintain an overall score of 57 points which have to be collected from 6 units that belong to the mandatory category. Remaining points are to be collected from the optional categories.

How to apply?

The candidates can complete construction NVQ course online by filling in registration forms signed by the construction manager and employers. You can also log on to www.constructionhelpline.com to get started with a bright career in the construction feild.

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