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Residential Development Level 4 NVQ in Construction Site Supervision

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The Residential Development NVQ is an assessment program conducted to understand if the learner is capable of handling their day to day tasks at the construction site according to the industry standards.
The course period may vary from 9 to 18 months and is apt for the Construction Site Supervisors and Assistant Site Managers working under the residential development department in the construction sector. This course is best suited for the supervisor level employees looking to attain their Gold CSCS Card.

Course Content
There is a need to have a minimum of 123 credit units attained for workers to complete the assessment. This can be achieved from a set of 12 compulsory units and another set of unit options under which 2 units have to be chosen by the learner.

Mentioned below are the list of mandatory course units and their 2 most important units:

1) Provide construction-related customer service and monitor the same at the construction site

a) Identify and use the approved legislation and official guidance to implement functioning systems to deliver or advance the existing customer service

b) Be prepared to deal with customers to ensure that the service is reliable

2) Plan work activities to meet customer requirements

a) Organize workflow to ensure efficient use of available resources

b) Evaluate alternate workflow models to provide the best solution to the project

3) Maintain the dimensional accuracy of the project

a) Ensure all employees are provided with adequate information that will enable them to provide the expected results from the project

b) Observe and check dimensional controls and records the results for quality tests

4) Maintain Health, Safety, Welfare, and Environmental protection systems in the workplace

a) Encourage Health, Safety, Welfare, and Environmental awareness

b) Identify opportunities for improving the Health, Safety, Welfare, and Environment of the workplace

5) Maintain supply stock to project completion

a) Supervise the storage and purchasing to ensure minimum wastage of materials

b) Records keeping of deliveries and stock position

6) Implementing communication system in the construction site

a) Implement and manage all means of communications of the current project

b) Monitor organizational communications regularly

7) Handing over the completed project to the client / Maintenance activities

a) Understand and confirm the deadline to finish the project

b) Analyse complete work against the customer requirements

8) Co-ordinate and Organize the workplace

a) Assemble employees and review updates and relevant project details regularly

b) Communicate and comes to terms with the project plans and methods

9) Control work process against the accepted programme

a) Along with implementing systems, monitor and records them against the agreed project requirements

b) Identify any deviations from the planned process that has or would disrupt the project

10) Control work against agreed standards

a) Identify quality standards in the current process

b) Communicate regularly with employees on their quality

11) Assess and recommend workflows

a) Use available project data to create a workflow

b) Update the workflow regularly with data from multiple projects

12) Allocate and Monitor the use of equipment or machinery in the plant

a) Create requests for required machinery for the project

b) Ensure that all machinery requests are raised well before the beginning of the project

Residential development is one of the most sorts after departments in the Construction NVQ, considering the amount of constant work one could get from the field. Having the certification completed in this stream is a wise career choice.

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