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Conservation Level 4 NVQ in Construction Site Supervision

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Conservation Level 4 NVQ Certification is a diploma offered to the candidate who wants to continue with achieving a better position in a job working with the construction companies. When applying for this Diploma certification, it is obvious that the candidate should hold the right level of proficiency and expertise in this field. He should have been permanently employed with one of the construction companies for the conservation post.

The job skills require a lot of proficiency within this workplace, and so it is important that the diploma is awarded to only deserving candidates.

Why Level 4 conservation NVQ diploma?

As per the requirements of the present time industry, it is obvious that industry giants try and ensure that they have hired only qualified and professional team at the workplace.

This is one of the best ways to ensure that the team is certified to work in the construction industry.

A diploma certified candidate is holding his level of skills that are required to be displayed at the workplace. Apart from this, a certified professional will always ensure that he performs the task efficiently.

Value offered

Level 4 NVQ certification Diploma is accredited by authorities. Only candidates who are willing to take up a career within the construction operations field are eligible to apply for this Diploma. It is also certain that the candidate is awarded this qualification only after his individual skills have been tested within various fields and units in the construction operations.

Credit score required

With the diploma-holding so much of value in itself, any candidate who is appearing for this course has to try and score a minimum of 131 credit points. The total points have to be collected by the candidate individually from two assessments. He will have to collect points from classroom assessment (which is in the form of written test) along with workshop assessment (which is in the form of practical assessment). Once he has appeared for both assessments, his overall performance will be graded by assessors.

It is also obvious that the candidate should focus on collecting these credit points from mandatory units as well as optional units. Overall scoring from 12 mandatory units is compulsory for any candidate before he is awarded diploma certification.

Mandatory unit details

Within the mandatory units, candidates have an option to make the selection from various categories. Some of these categories may include meeting work requirements at the work station, working on resources, planning works, restoration activities, supervisory activities, conservation and dimensional activities, environment protection activities, health and safety related activities and much more.

The candidate has to try and develop his skills to prove his efficiency in various categories independently. He has to be aware of working with maintenance system and safety systems at the workplace. Apart from this, he is also expected to be familiar with construction projects, coordination and organization works and control system at the workplace.

Optional units

In order to gain 14 credit points, it is a must for the candidate to make a selection of 2 optional units. NVQ in Construction testing system focuses on these optional units based on the expertise of the candidate.

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