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Level 2 Diploma in Piling Operations

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Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Piling Operations is the competency-based certification for candidates who want to be recognized nationally for piling works within the construction field. The certificate offers the candidates to be certified for Level 2 NVQ qualification for rig operators and piling operators alike. So, it is obvious that candidates who pass out with deserving scores after the course completion have a lot of job opportunities within the construction field and rig fields.

The course exposes candidates for both pathways to select that has been recognized by the national standards. Anyone of the pathways can, in fact, be selected by the candidate to get certified at the end of the course.

What is this?

Each of the two pathways offers candidates with an option to get certified with diploma certification. The qualification being nationally recognized offers candidates with the opportunity to seek a career at the advanced and professional level.

In overall, the candidate is expected to complete a total of 520 hours during the course duration that has been approved by the CITB authorities. The course also offers the candidate with a chance to appear for relevant card scheme approved by the CSCS authorities. The course has been prepared to keep in mind the standards that are expected to be met by the RFQ standards for being accredited.

The student has to undergo both internal as well as external assessment where they are tested for their skills and knowledge related to the workplace requirements. Out of 510 hours, the candidate is expected to complete 245 hours under guidance as in-classroom sessions.

At the entry level, the candidates are also expected to under and pass out the assessment to check with their prior knowledge and skills gained from their past work experience.

Why is it required?

The qualification is competency based, so it is important that the candidate should be able to demonstrate his skills and learning ability at the end of the course. The candidate at the time, of course, will learn to develop his skills related to performing works within the piling operations in the construction field as per the national standards.

The candidate is expected to learn to prepare reports as per the observations, undergoing and being a part of the projects, discussions and then produce final worksheet. When undergoing the course duration, the candidate is also free to select any number of categories from the additional units. The assessment procedure will not be assessing the candidate on the basis of the points collected under this category.

As a part of the training, the candidate will have to make a selection of one category from the optional unit from the plant, machinery and operations. Each of the optional units will offer the candidate to earn different credit points based on the skill and learning knowledge.

The candidate is also expected to complete five categories from the mandatory units, and it is expected that he scores minimum credit points from each of the mandatory units.


As per authority’s criteria, the fresh candidate may not need to hold any qualification or experience to get enrolled. If the candidate wants to apply for higher ranking CSCS card, then he may have to provide with a valid CSCS card and relevant job experience.

For both candidates, it is also expected to pass out the entry-level assessment test with passing scores in the internal exam.

How to apply?

In order to apply the candidate can log on to the official web portal and collect details for passing out the assessment test. The web portal offers candidates with details related to construction NVQ test and study materials.

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