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Conservation Level 6 NVQ Diploma QCF in Construction Site Management

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The Conservation Level 6 NVQ is Pro-qualification that is expected to be useful for candidates who want to seek a career in the construction management at the construction site. The course on completion will ensure that the candidate is eligible for being awarded a Diploma certificate. The qualification is authentic and recognized by the construction industry and employers. The qualification will offer the candidates with a chance to make a selection of job positions as site managers and supervisors within the building construction workplace.

What is this?

The course is a type of proficiency-based course in which the candidates are expected to enroll to help get qualified to work within the construction field. The candidates who opt for this course will also be awarded Diploma certification to prove their skills and excellence in performing any task at the construction site. The eligible candidate is valid to work in the construction industry under civil and building fields or even to assist his senior work managers.

Apart from construction management, the candidate is also eligible to apply for the job position at the road maintenance sites and other construction based projects with government or private organizations. His skills will have to be displayed for carrying out conservation based or developmental projects at the work site.

Why it is required?

The certification is mandatory for candidates who want to achieve the pro-qualification for working within the construction industry for developmental and conservation based projects. The NVQ authorities offer the candidate with a chance to get registered for this Diploma course only for eligible candidates.

So in order to get started within the construction field for any project you may need to produce this certification to the hiring authorities.

The certification course is also important for any candidate who wants to learn skills and develop his skills for undertaking any tasks in this industry.

Conservation is considered as one of the special pathways that open up the doors of opportunities for the eligible candidates. The selection of the category has to be made by the candidate on the basis of his job role and skills.

Once the candidate has been registered for the course then it is obvious that he will have to complete the course within 16 weeks duration time. The course is divided into both learning and practical skills where the candidate is expected to score desiring credit points equivalent to 189 points.


Any candidate who wants to get registered for this certification course should have valid academic qualifications along with a valid job card. The request for registration for higher level 6 card has to be made by the candidate only till his job CSCS card is valid.

The candidate will have to complete both theory and practical training lesions during the course duration. It is also important that minimum passing scores have to be scored by the candidate only within the mandatory category.

How to apply?

Any candidate who is eligible is free to apply for the course. The candidate can get registered for the course via web site by filling in the details asked on the registration form. The details related to documentation and prior certification is also to be submitted to appear for construction NVQ Diploma certification.

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