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Construction NVQ Level 3 Courses

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What is the construction NVQ Level 3 course?

NVQ Level 3 is a program meant for site personnel and site supervisors. It is based upon the total number of visits to the site wherein NVQ assessor provides on-site assessment and training to the candidates. Besides, the evidence is collected to display innate abilities, competence, and training. The expected duration of the above-mentioned course is about two to four months.

Construction NVQ Level 3 is a nine-month program that is best suited for a novice, intermediate and experienced delegates. Classes are organized at one of their accredited centres located in the UK. Candidates are required to take part in seven one-day modules, which comprises of classroom and workshop based tuition, on-site assessments.

Some of the topics covered under NVQ Level 3 courses are as follows:

  • Communication and customer care
  • Resource Management
  • Assessment workshop
  • Leadership and Management

To attain each unit, candidates are expected to display evidence to ensure they met with industry standards. It is often performed through conducting written or verbal tests, projects, and assignments.

Features of Construction Level 3 course

  • The program consists of classroom tuition and workshops. A team of experts would guide the candidates to meet NVQ requirements.
  • An accessor will be in charge to determine the performance of each delegate present in the classroom.
  • Assessment workshop
  • One-to-one on-site assessment

What are the formal entry requirements for the Construction NVQ Level 3 course?

  • Delegates should be well versed in reading, writing, and spoken English

Note that each program is conducted in English language. Candidates need not hesitate to contact the toll-free number for further clarifications.

Why is it required?

Construction NVQ Level 3 qualifications are essential to secure a role as site supervisors or staffs at the construction site.

What are the criteria’s involved?

Delegates should be actively engaged at the construction site before enrolment for the Construction NVQ Level 3 course.

What are the benefits of registering for the Construction NVQ Level 3 course?

  • Absence of time off work
  • Inclusion of CSCS Supervisors Gold Card without extra cost
  • A comprehensive program within three to six months
  • Grants are delivered to CITB Registered organizations
  • Only 50% upfront expenses and the remaining balance after completion of course

How to apply for the Construction NVQ Level 3 course?

Interested candidates are requested to navigate through the official website of CITB (Construction Industry Training Board). Then they should submit the profile details to a valid address. However, officials assess the candidate to ensure that they are suited for the program chosen. They are supposed to complete a questionnaire that can be downloaded in PDF format. Then mail the form directly to a valid email address. Delegates should carry a valid photo, passport and driving license.

Course booking terms and conditions are mentioned in official website of Construction Industry Training Board (CITB). Those candidates who succeed in cracking NVQ Level 3 may automatically advance to the next level.

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