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Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Formwork Carpenter

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NVQ offers with Diploma in construction field (Formwork Carpenter) at Level 2 certification. The Diploma helps in testing the knowledge and skills of the candidate within distinct areas like erecting, maintaining, fabrication and striking formwork. The qualification on commencing offers candidates with a chance to earn Diploma certification to apply for construction site job as Formwork carpenter.

What is this?

The certification is a proficiency Diploma that proves the level of skill and knowledge of the candidate. It also proves that the employer can hire the candidate without testing his skills in the field.

The certification can be earned by the deserving candidates at NVQ Level 2 (Construction) and is aimed to offer candidates with coverage in various areas.

At the end of the course, the candidate will have to score a minimum of desired point score within the selected duration of time allotted for the exam. It is also important that during the course duration, the candidate manages to score the best credit value from two distinct categories.

Why is it required?

The course and certification are important for candidates who want to seek proficiency and skills in striking and erecting of formwork and carpentry. You need to keep in mind that for individuals who are already working within the construction industry, the qualification will be made available via training programs, employers program and via academic colleges.

The certification is a must for any candidate who wishes to boost his career within the construction field job.


On completion of the certification course, each of the candidates passing out with best scores will be awarded a Diploma in construction formwork and carpentry. When enrolled for the ongoing course, candidates will be able to develop their skills a competency within carpentry and farmworker. This makes the qualification entirely competency-based where assessors are interested in testing the knowledge and skills developed during the course duration.

The Diploma is word related, so it is obvious that on completion, candidates will not have to produce any other qualification certificates or experience certificates to apply for any job within the construction field.

It is important that on completion of the course, the candidate is expected to meet the UK local standards to be hired by any employer within the construction industry. Thus the certification has been made mandatory by the authorities in the UK.

The certification also offers candidates with two basic objectives and goals which are expected to be achieved at the end of the course. These include being awarded card scheme relevant to his position, developing standard skills and getting familiar with his supportive role at the workplace.

The competency certification is issued to the candidate by CSCS authority and is valid across the UK.

The qualification is mainly for any candidate who wants to continue or get established in the construction work field or even establish his own professional business within the UK.

How to apply?

The process to apply for CSCS card is the same as any other CSCS certification. NVQ formwork Diploma course can be completed by any candidate online or by selecting the right college or University in the UK. You can also take help of

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