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Level 2 Award in Asbestos Awareness

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Level 2 award in asbestos awareness is a type of qualification that helps any candidate to prove his skills and knowledge in compliance with regulating asbestos usage within the construction field. The qualification also covers creating asbestos awareness and its harmful effects on the health of the co-workers. As per the standards laid down by the CITB each candidate getting registered for this qualification will be offered with an adequate level of training (via in classroom sessions and onboard workshop training).

What is this?

As said earlier, the qualification is proficiency and competence based certification that is issued by the CITB and CSCS authorities for candidates working within the construction field. The candidate will be able to undergo sessions and develop their skills and knowledge related to the bad effects of asbestos on human health.

The course also focuses on helping the candidate create an awareness program for other co-workers at the construction field and thus make a very safe environment for them if they are being exposed to the asbestos dust at the workplace.

The course duration for each of the candidates will be equivalent to 20 hours overall during which time the candidate will be undergoing formal discussions, in-classroom lessons and training workshops. The certification has been approved to meet NOS and RQF standard, and the course has been prepared as per the CCEA curriculum.

Why is it required?

The course may not be mandatory for each and every construction line worker but certainly will prove helpful for candidates who are related to working in the area where installation and cutting of asbestos sheets are very common.

So it is obvious that the course has been designed for candidates who wish to be extra qualified for working within the construction fieldwork site. The candidate who undergoes this training will be certified under health and safety measures (asbestos risk) category for Level 2 only, which is under the mandatory unit.

The candidate will also be tested for his competency required at the workplace for leading his team related to quality assistance for vocational assessment. The course has been designed to offer candidates with all possible support related to tracking achievements, assessment criteria, internal and external quality assessment and knowledge related to assessment policies and procedures.


At the entry level, the candidate does not have to provide with any prior knowledge, but in case any candidate wants to progress within this field, then he shall have to provide with required qualifications and experience.

It is also important for the candidate to pas out the internal assessment program with desired scores that will be testing his knowledge and skills related to assessment. Within the construction field, the candidate is expected to clear out the Health risk asbestos learning program from the mandatory unit. No optional unit selection is required by the candidate.

How to apply? is a legal web service that helps the candidate to appear for the course. The web portal service provides the candidate with all knowledge related to study materials and assessment procedure. The candidate can also get registered for the course via official CSCS and CITB websites for gaining more details related to the coursed and award related to construction NVQ.

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