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Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Waterproof Membrane Roofing Systems

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Level 2 NVQ in waterproof membrane roofing system course is designed to help candidates get started with bright future in construction site work. Any candidate who has a passion for working within the construction industry can certainly opt for NVQ level 2 qualification. On being qualified, the candidate will have an opportunity to get started within the construction line working as a professional for setting up the waterproofing layer for roofs and walls. the candidates who get qualified for Level 2 NVQ diploma certification also has an opportunity to work within other areas as well where they can skillfully demonstrate their work experience and knowledge.

What is this?

The qualification is recognized and certified by CSCS and CITB for construction line workers and professionals seeking a career within waterproofing specialists. In order to get qualified, the candidate has to prove his level of skills and learning techniques within his work field by making a selection of special pathways.

  • Reinforced membrane waterproofing (roofing).
  • Ply membrane proofing (roof).
  • Liquid membrane (Roof).

The selection can be made via mandatory units along with optional units within selected categories and candidates expertise role. The authorities offer candidates a chance to be qualified for the job position only after gaining the right coloured card under the CSCS card scheme (CITB approved).

The process of course completion involves developing skills and education knowledge using both technical and theoretical learning. The course has been officially endorsed by CITB.

The course has been designed by authority officials, and the candidate will be assessed internally by a staff that is verified for their quality testing within the construction field. The qualification is competence based for candidates and will prove helpful demonstrating his skills that meet the national learning standards.

Why is it required?

The qualification has been made mandatory by the authorities as only well-qualified construction workers can apply and get hired for the job position. This means that if a candidate wants to get started with building his career within this field, then he has to complete the course and be certified successfully.

The course is also important for any candidate to develop his knowledge and skills related to working in the construction field as waterproofing specialists for roof and walls. The candidate will also develop his role by accomplishing assignments, report filling, form fillings, and witnessing testimonies laid by the assessors at the time of course and assessment.

The course is also important as it has been structured and designed as per NOS mapping systems for use in the construction field. As per this standard, the candidate is expected to complete the course under selected (Optional) and Mandatory units.

The selection of additional units will include installing roofs (waterproofing systems) for green as well as solar roofs.


Any candidate who wishes to get enrolled for this course should possess prior knowledge and certification of lower level job card issued by CSCS (Lev 1 or Lev 2). The candidate who is fresh can also apply for the course but may have to provide with educational qualification certificates along with experience working within the construction field workplace as a waterproofing job position.

The candidate has to make a selection from 5 mandatory units along with one from the optional units as per CITB requirements.

How to apply?

The process of application can be made directly by logging on to for any Construction NVQ course for Level 2. The complete details are provided online by construction helpline. You can officially log on to the official CSCS website or CITB web portal and collect details.

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