Level 6 NVQ in Construction Contracting Operations Management

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Quantity Surveying Level 6 NVQ in Construction Contracting Operations Management

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Quantity survey is one of the most important tasks for any construction contracting management company. In order to fulfil this job position, employers always want to ensure that they have hired the right candidates. Quantity Surveying Level 6 NVQ is the right certification that you need to hold if you want to apply for any job position that is relevant to survey testing and evaluation.

What is this?

The course is ideal for candidates who want to join the construction field for carrying out the material survey and other project survey tasks. It involves offering with a very precise decision and evaluation of building materials used, project completion and on-going stage evaluation and other evaluations related to materials used.

The competency is required by the candidate so his evaluation can be trusted by the employers and co-workers. This means that the candidate should possess the right level of experience and knowledge for both theory and practical skills.

This makes the process of registration under the Level 6 course mandatory for any candidate who wants to get started with career building in this field.

Why is it required?

The course proves helpful for candidates to gain prior knowledge and practical skills that are required to be proved by the candidate at the work site. The eligible candidate can only prove his eligibility for the job position if he has completed the course and has been certified by the authorities to join the job position.

The course has been designed to be completed by the candidate in two stages of theory and practical training skills. For any candidate to get certified, it is important that he has to complete both stages of theory and practical training.

At the end of the course, he shall be awarded a certificate in the form of a diploma and then he is eligible to apply for his Job card under the CSCS card scheme.

The candidate is also expected to have completed his CSCS health and safety screening process by the time he applies for the job position in the construction industry.


As per local UK regulations, it is mandatory that any candidate who wants to work in the construction operations field has to hold valid certification and qualifications. The course is one of the best ways to ensure that in the end, the candidate is eligible to apply for the relevant job position.

As a surveyor, the candidate has to prove his skills with carrying out simple to most complex surveys of materials and process for any project completion. It is important that the candidate should have made a selection of all categories from the mandatory units along with relevant selections from the optional units. The candidate should also score desired credit points that are needed minimum in order to be certified by the CSCS and CIBT authorities.

How to apply?

Any candidate who wants to get registered for the course or even wants to apply for a higher position in the surveying category has to appear for the course and get certified. Once he has been certified, he can apply for his job card. www.constructionhelline.com is an official website that can help any candidate to appear for construction NVQ certification.

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