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Level 3 NVQ Diploma in Wood Occupations (Construction)

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The Level 3 NVQ Certificate in Wood Occupation acknowledges the skills, knowledge and experience to be showcased by an individual in the work field. The Construction NVQ qualification provides an opportunity for learners who work in site carpentry to demonstrate their capability. Our Construction Helpline course will help you prepare for the qualification by providing training which would include practical knowledge and skills.

What is the basic course content?

There are approx. 10 units in the qualification structure, out of which you would have to clear a minimum 9 qualifications to gain the Level 3 NVQ Certificate in Wood Occupation qualification. There are seven core units and three specialized units.

In this qualification, you have full freedom to achieve the units in any order but you must make sure all the mandatory units are completed.

For who is the course made?

If you are a site carpenter starting out or an old one in the industry then this course is a must for you to achieve more success in your journey.

What is the average duration for completion?

On average, it should take around three to eight months which further depends upon a few number of factors.

What are the Assessment details?

The units will be assessed in a work environment. There are few assessment methods that can be used including professional discussion, observations, witness testimonies, site evidence, etc.

A final assessment will be conducted which will mark the end of the course and if you meet the requirements, then you will stand to attain your Construction NVQ certification and also be entitled to Supervisory Gold Card or CSCS Advanced Craft.

What are the entry requirements?

The individual must have completed NVQ level 2 in Site Carpentry and should be employed as a Site Carpenter. He/she should be able to go ahead with the assessments to achieve the qualification. For some experienced workers, direct admission into level 3 is available but for that, you will have to reach to directly reach out to Construction Helpline.

Get to know about Further Progression

Upon qualifying and completing this qualification, you become further entitled to Level 4 NVQ Diploma in Construction. It’s important that you continue your professional journey at least for the sake of learning as education should never be stopped. To talk further about thus, reach to our official number.


Construction Helpline has got one of the best courses in the market that will let you attain your Level 3 NVQ Certificate in Wood Occupation qualification. We are one of the highly successful third-party service providing companies in the construction industry that is acclaimed and recognized by the national authorities.

If you are looking to gain this Construction NVQ qualification, then Construction Helpline will help you in all the manners right from the starting to the end of the course. You are just one step away from achieving your dreams and progressing to a higher position: Place a call to us right now!

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