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Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Specialised Cladding Occupations – Rainscreen

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Within the construction field, to gain competency in performing cladding and Rainscreen jobs, candidates are expected to complete the Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Specialised Cladding Occupations course. On completion of the course, the candidate is eligible to apply for the professional career in the construction field for Specialised Cladding Occupations. He is awarded a Diploma certificate if the student manages to score desired scores from the selected units both in Mandatory and Optional Categories.

What is this?

This is a competency-based construction field qualification that has been designed to help identify the candidate’s competence and skills at the construction field workplace. The Diploma issued to the candidate helps him to prove his skills in the Cladding and Rainscreen occupations. At the end of the course, the candidate is offered with Level 2 NVQ certification for performing various tasks required in the Rainscreen and Cladding occupation systems. The candidate is expected to gain proficiency by making a selection from Mandatory and optional units as per the National Occupational Standards (CIBT).

Why it is required?

The certification course is required by the candidate to help him get the required level of training through developed learning skills. These skills are essential for the candidate at the workplace within the construction work site for performing Cladding jobs and rain-Screening jobs.

The certification is also required by the candidate to comply with the right level of training and knowledge required at the workplace related to health and safety welfare. The candidate has to polish his skills related to carrying out organizational procedures, report preparation and controls to identify Hazards that are common at the workplace when performing his job.

The course will also help the candidate learn the practices for implementing that are productive and essential for planning the work sequence. He is also exposed to organizational procedures that have to be followed for maintaining relevant records at a job site along with performing storing resources and moving handling tasks.

From the optional category, the candidate has to develop his skills related to developing cladding and rainscreen systems, carrying out repair works for both types and removing the cladding and rain screen systems that need to be replaced.

The course will also prove helpful for candidates to get familiar with the installation process for wall cladding systems and specialised wall cladding system at the workplace by undergoing workshop training and classroom sessions.


The moment a candidate makes his decision for opting for Level 2 NVQ diploma for Rainscreen and Cladding systems he has to make the selection from optional units along with Mandatory units. The selection has to be made on the basis of the skill level of the candidate.

It is important that the candidate has to score minimum credit scores overall with a minimum of 68 points. The credit points have to be scored from all three mandatory units and optional units selected within Groups A and B.

Candidate has to make a selection of one unit from the Group B category with a minimum score of 58 credit points.

How to apply?

The process of application can be made by the candidate by selecting online application form option from the CSCS or CIBT web portals. also offers candidates with the assistance required to get registered and pass out the course with a high credit score. You can collect details related to construction NVQ exam and course for Level 2 online via their official website.

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