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Surveying Level 3 NVQ in Construction Contracting Operations

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Surveying Level 3 NVQ Diploma certification is a qualification that is offered to candidates who seek their career in ever-growing construction operations market. It is obvious that the demand to meet Global standards is ever growing concerns for industry experts. This means that on regular basis, experts need to ensure that this demand is filled in by deserving candidates.

Why the need for deserving candidates in the construction industry?

As we are already aware that construction works involve a lot of risk for the equipment and workers. In order to maintain safety level at work site, it is important to hire workers who possess the right level of skills and experience.

It also makes it important for workers at the construction site to be aware of the latest developments and equipment that they can make use of for completing any task efficiently.

The above mentioned two reasons are most important why industry Giants need to hire professional construction workers and site supervisors.

Main role of a construction site supervisor

As per the duties performed, a site supervisor is a person who is responsible for looking into the normal functioning of all other tasks at the job site. The supervisor will be helping all other co-workers at the site to ensure that they perform their task efficiently and precisely.

This ensures that no accidents or hazards take place at the construction site. Apart from this, a site supervisor is also a responsible person who looks into the needs and demands of equipment and materials at the construction site.

He also plays a major role in making the selection of the best method for completing any task on time. He is responsible for looking into the completion of the task on time and delivering the work with utmost precision.

He has to look into the functioning of each unit in combination with all other units at the job site.

Why need a professional qualification?

It is obvious that a candidate who is holding the right qualifications will be aware of performing all his tasks irrespective of being instructed to do so. He is one who has been awarded the qualification to carry out all of his tasks efficiently.

Criteria and process to achieve it

When looking at the growing demands of the construction industry, it is certain that the candidate completing this certification should in fact try and score a minimum of 131 credit points during the completion of the course.

The scores should have been completed from 12 units that are mandatory with a minimum score of 117. Within the optional groups, the candidate is expected to score minimum scores from at least 2 optional units.

Mandatory units

Within the mandatory units, the candidate is expected to make a selection of a minimum of 12 units for scoring 117 points. These can be scored from various categories, including meeting the requirements within the workplace and planning units.

He can also make the selection of working out the dimensional accuracy for each project along with the restoration and conservation of the workplace.

Optional units

From within the optional units, the candidate has numerous options to select from for Construction NVQ tests. These can be carried out from demolition activities or customer related services.

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