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Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Interior Systems

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Level 2 NVQ certificate in interior systems is a diploma course that aims at developing the skills and knowledge of the candidate in the various construction field related areas like welfare, health and system, moving and working practices. The candidate undergoing this course will be able to specialize in sectors including demountable partition systems, relocating and installing modular systems, partition systems, internal screen systems, lining systems, removing and installing flooring systems and acoustic flooring systems. These candidates are having a wide variety of job opportunities within the construction field in Whales and UK.

What is this?

The qualification is aimed at increasing the knowledge of the candidate to perform his supportive and leading role, getting familiar with the job skills required and be qualified for the relevant card schemes issued by CSCS.

The qualification is primarily aimed at helping experienced candidates to polish and develop their learning and practical skills to work at the construction site. The qualification also proves helpful for developing the learning skills of the candidate based on the competency level for performing flooring works, ceiling fixer tasks, partition fixing works, demounting partitions, dry liner as fixer or finisher.

The qualification being work oriented and competency-based will help the candidate to qualify for the job position on completion as industry workers, managers and inspection team. The competency offered is based as per the Nation Recognized Standards CSCS and CITB.

The qualification also helps the candidate to develop his skills by gaining a position at the workplace within the advanced sector.

Why is it required?

The qualification is designed to help the candidate lead within the construction work line on the basis of its objectives. The course and its knowledge are approved by the CSCS authorities once the candidate has been certified under the relevant card scheme.

So for candidates who are already involved in the construction business or job, this qualification proves an added benefit. The qualification is also required as it exposes the candidate to various mandatory and optional units that he can select. The candidate is expected to make a selection of mandatory pathways and optional units that encounter to his learning skills and area of interest. From the mandatory units, the candidate has to make a selection of 4 to 5 categories depending on his interest area.

To get started with progressing in the construction field, candidates can get started by selecting the course. The course is also available for candidates to be completed as full time or part time basis for college and university students. The course proves helpful for them to gain prior experience before actually joining the construction field.

For fresh candidates, the course does not demand to hold any specific qualifications of certifications if the candidate is planning to join at the entry level. At the advanced level, the candidate must hold a valid CSCS card and past experience working in the relevant job position.

How to apply?

The candidates can fill in for registration via for registering for construction NVQ certification. The candidates can also approach a valid CSCS or CITB web site for getting registered. Construction helpline offers candidates with all possible help to get started with course.

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