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NVQ Level 3 Diploma in Occupational Work Supervision

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Occupational work supervision is a type of qualification that is offered to the candidate who wants to seek his career in the construction field as a site supervisor. The certificate is awarded to the deserving candidate who has polished his skills within the occupational work category as a site supervisor. The selected candidates are offered with a supervisor card that is recognized by the industry giants at the time of hiring the candidate.

Who can apply for a career in Occupational work as a supervisor?

It is obvious that the supervisor qualification can only be filled in by the right candidate. Any candidate who is already working as a supervisor within the occupational work at the construction industry can apply for the job position. Apart from this, supervisors and assistant supervisors who hold their skill level and certification can also apply for this position. Gangers and subcontractors are also free to apply for this job position within the industry.

Course modules

When opting for a diploma in construction as a job supervisor, it is obvious that the candidate needs to complete the six weeks course. The modules are expected to be covered by the candidate in the mentioned time frame. Apart from this, an online assessment is also expected to be completed by the candidate in order to apply for diploma certification.

In most cases, to check with the proficiency level of the candidate, he will also have to appear for workshop assessment after the course completion.

Course knowledge

During the course completion, the candidate will have to gain the right level of knowledge and skills in management, communications, safety, health, logistics, sustainability, environment, resource management and customer care.

Only after the candidate has gained sufficient knowledge in the above-mentioned fields, will he be able to apply for the certification and score deserving points.

Assessment and teaching details

The moment you are attending the course, it is obvious that you may have to undergo workshop assessment and classroom teaching. All possible support will be offered by the assessor to the candidate at the time of course completion phase.

During the assessment duration, the candidate is expected to create their best portfolio that will be completely based on skills and experience gained. Apart from this, he will also have to undergo one on one assessment along with workshop assessment.

Qualification details

As per the industry experts, the candidate will be awarded the diploma certification for NVQ level 3 supervision jobs. Apart from this, he will also be awarded the Gold CSCS Card issued by CSCS.

Requirements at entry levels

At the entry level, there are certain specific requirements that a candidate is expected to meet. It is obvious that he needs to hold experience in different fields like carpentry, cladding, partition, roofing or even bricklaying in the construction field. The candidates will at the time of coursed completion, also gather advanced skills that are required for him to boost his career in this field.

Once the candidate has completed the course and obtained his diploma certification, then it is obvious that he can apply for better job prospects within the construction field. Construction NVQ certification is a proficiency level certification for deserving candidates.

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