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Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Wood Occupations – Site Carpentry

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For candidates who are looking around for the best job career in the construction industry can develop their skills and personal knowledge by registering for NVQ wood occupations Diploma certification. The course is a type of proficiency program that is offered for candidates who need to polish and skills via practical training and academic learning.

What is this?

The programme is a competency-based programme that candidates seeking a career within construction related field, must appear for. The course helps in developing skills, within various areas that the candidate needs to be familiar when working within the wood occupations at the construction workplace.

The course is aimed at improving the skills of the candidate within different areas including health and safety care, welfare, storage, resources handling and moving and productive working.

Why is it required?

The entire course focuses on helping candidates develop their learning based and practical knowledge based skills for use in the construction industry for wood occupations. Within the course duration, each of the candidates will be able to specialize and learn basic skills related to installing and fixing of the components at the construction work site.

The moment any candidate completes the course, he shall be a certified professional to work within the construction business as an employee or freelance and deal with basic components and equipment related to this field.

The candidate will also be exposed to the art of joineries for manufacturing, architectural, fixing and manufacturing of various components that are used for distinct purposes and areas.

The candidate also needs to develop his skills related to the timber work along with fabrication timber, developing framework, setting up frameworks for roof, walls and floorings along with fixing and preparing basic setups for accomplishing this task at the work site.


As the job requires a lot of basic skills, it is obvious that the Diploma certification programme thus offers each of the candidates with proper NVQ training as in-classroom learning and on-site workshop.

This ensures that the candidate has been professionalized for both theory and practical applications of the woodwork within the construction industry.

The candidate will have to display his knowledge related to preparing and using hinges, joints, framework, via preparing internal and external moulds. The skills and knowledge required by the candidate related to installing and erecting wooden frame, walls, roof and floors have also to be covered by the candidate within this course duration.

This offers each of the candidates to make use of different types of shaping, cutting, levelling, and smoothing machine that is used within the construction industry by woodworkers.

The moment candidate completes the diploma certification; he can expect his skills to be developed within carpentry works, structural works, erection works, site carpentry, light structural works, architectural joinery, framework tasks, beam and post carpentry works.

How to apply?

Candidates who wish to get started with their career within the construction industry underwood occupations will have to prove their skills via Site Carpentry NVQ diploma certification course. The details and process for registration are available online. Students can log on to the official site at for details related to career options.

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