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Construction NVQ Level 7 Courses

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What is the Construction NVQ Level 7 course?

Construction NVQ Level 7 is meant to evaluate innate abilities and competency of workers engaged at the construction site. Delegates are supposed to display their skills, expertise, and knowledge in the construction senior management.

The cost of construction NVQ Level 7 is reasonable including value-added tax (VAT). Candidates are required to pay 50% of the upfront cost and the remaining balance during the final stage of the training period.

The estimated time taken to complete the program is based upon assessment of candidates by concerned officials. However, overall duration of an NVQ Level 7 course is about sixteen weeks.

Why is it required?

The above-mentioned program is exclusively designed for aspirants who intend to pursue their career as site managers, senior managers, company directors, and senior quantity surveyors. Construction Industry Training Board is currently offering impeccable service across the globe via online portfolio learning assistant.

Which type of on-line portfolio is used?

Learning Assistant is one of the reliable tools used by assessors. They will be delivering valuable tips and advice on how to gather vital evidence. Candidates will be given a brief overview of learning assistant and uploading the evidence. Customer feedback concerning progress is done through a Learning Assistant. It is primarily used to transmit contact records.

Concerned assessors will be offering adequate support and guidance to ensure appropriate completion of NVQ. They would keep in touch with the delegates through the mail, phone and text messages.

How to claim grants?

To claim grants, employers should be registered with the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB). It consists of wage bills where you are not required to pay the levy.

What is the qualification structure?

  • Delegates should complete each unit present in Group A. Then they are required to select two out of three optional groups namely B1, B2, and B3.
  • Group -A which is the mandatory unit involves team management in the field of construction
  • Actively participating in meetings organized by construction management
  • Offering valuable tips and advice about construction management
  • Students are supposed to pick up two units belonging to three crucial groups namely B1, B2, and B3.

B1 which is the optional group for project development enables the learners to prepare a development program in the field of construction. Learners should determine and access overall environmental impact in the construction field.

  • It is associated with procurement contracts as well as budgets. Students are supposed to prepare and present tenders along with bids.
  • B2 which is related to project control involves managing project risks and opportunities in the construction field.


Delegates should be able to display their knowledge, skills, and experience before enrolment.

How to apply?

To apply for NVQ level 7 courses, Candidates should require filling up the form by inputting relevant details like name, address, telephone number, etc. It can be downloaded through the official website of the Construction Industry Training Board (CITB).

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