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Level 2 NVQ Diploma in Construction and Civil Engineering Operations – Structural Concreting

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Structural Concreting requires a skilled professional worker to handle all process starting from concrete making, mixing, transporting, layering and levelling. So the point is that if any stage of the task has not been performed perfectly, then there are chances that the entire structure could collapse. There are also chances that the company may have to face financial loses in case the mix prepared is not up to the grade.

What is this?

The authorities have demanded that the professional who works at this level within the construction industry needs to possess special skills such that all the above-mentioned tasks can be carried out on time and without error.

This is also done along with ensuring the candidate is aware of the safety and health issues that need to be followed at the workplace. This means that the candidate who shall be selected for the job has to be qualified. This is where NVQ level 2 qualifications come in play.

The above-mentioned Construction course is a Diploma certification course such that the candidate who gets enrolled for this course shall be eligible for performing all the above-mentioned task within the construction industry.

The course is aimed at offering selected candidates with perfect training that is required by the candidate so he can be selected to work at the construction site. This course is a type of qualifying course that each of the candidates who want to work at the construction site, will have to complete.

The validity of the course depends on the scores that the candidate will be scoring once the course has been completed.

Why is it required?

The course is mandatory for candidates who want to seek a career within the construction work site under various categories including general maintenance, pavement construction, structural concreting, excavation works, etc. where ever the concrete layering is applicable.

The course has been crafted such that at the end of the course the candidate is tested for his skills and then awarded with diploma certification. The candidate is expected to attend regularly in the classroom session along with workshop training for fixed hours.

He is expected to pass the overall categories with passing grade both in optional and mandatory sections.

The course is aimed at both experienced and inexperienced candidates who are having basic level knowledge in working in the construction work site. So before the candidate can apply for joining the work position, he is expected to complete the certification course.


For students who wish to seek a career within the construction site has to ensure that they pass the course with passing grades. An overall of 134 points is expected to be gained by the candidate out of which an overall of 34 points are to be allotted form the mandatory and optional section on the basis of classroom sessions and workshop training.

The training offered can be described as work-related training so the candidate will have to make a selection of categories that are of best interest to him.

How to apply?

Construction Helpline at offers with convenience where candidates can apply for the course and Diploma certification. The web portal services offer candidates with helping hand to make a selection of right course for valid CSCS card schemes and to appear for the eligibility test within the Construction NVQ work field.

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