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Residential development Level 6 NVQ in Construction Site Management

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For residential developmental projects, the construction industry requires workers who hold their skills performing different types of tasks. The workers need to hold their proficiency in cement laying works, brick block laying jobs, layering tasks, performing plumbing and electrical job works along with outlay design and complex planning tasks. This opens up new opportunities for candidates holding valid residential development level 6 NVQ diploma certification course.

What is this?

The NVQ level 6 diploma certification is a course that has been designed for any candidate who wants to pursue his career in the construction industry. The course also proves helpful for candidates to identify the roles that they have to perform at the construction work site. The NVQ offers candidates with proficiency to work under residential development projects.

The course can be completed by each candidate in 18 months time period. Any candidate who is already holding his lower level 5 competency card in residential development works can undergo advanced level training for 9 months to complete the course.

Any candidate who wishes to obtain a Black CSCS card can get registered for this course.

Why is it required?

The course proves helpful for any candidate who wishes to take up his career to new heights within the construction field. During his duration, the candidate will be exposed to develop his observations, skills, and knowledge required to boost his career.

The course is also necessary for candidates as it exposes them to contents of all mandatory units including maintaining occupational relationships, getting familiar with latest work methods, poking into operational requirements, establishing and implementing better work methods and following safety and health-related systems.

At the end of the course, the candidate will also be able to select and evaluate improved working methods and look into workplace requirements for machines and materials. Apart from this, the course will also polish the skills of the worker to help him monitor various construction related projects and regulate progress as per the requirements of the workplace.


In order to efficiently complete the course and get certified, the candidate is expected to make the right selection from mandatory and optional units. At the entry level, it is important that the candidate should be of legal age 16 years or above.

Apart from this, the candidate should hold his academic qualification with passing scores. Any candidate who is already working within the construction field is eligible for getting registered for this course. The candidate is expected to go through a set of questionnaire and written test along with the interview session.

The candidate also has to make the selection of units that are mandatory and optional. From both categories, the candidate is expected to score passing grade by attempting the written test and practical training session.

During the practical assessment, the skills of using all equipment and tools at the workplace will also be tested for each candidate.

How to apply?

In order to apply the candidate can approach online web portal services like The web portal services offer candidates with knowledge related to learning skills and practical training sessions. Candidates who want to opt for construction NVQ certification can fill in the online form and get registered for the course.

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